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Cherry Fest is over, and it’s time to consider indoor activities for your next evening out. We’re always ready to help you find fun things to do in Salem! Why not make the best use of your Mazda’s SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY and head to Escape Rooms Portland? The idea around the entertainment concept is that you and your team (2-12 players) are locked in a room for 60 minutes and must solve clues to find the key to escape. Each room has a different theme and difficulty level, allowing you to determine just how hard – and how scary you want it to be.

American Revolution

The American Revolution room takes you back to the 18th century where, charged with treason against the crown, you have only 60 minutes to find the hidden clues and escape the makeshift British prison with your life.

4-10 Participants, ages 10 and Up (children under 15 require an adult guardian)


You’ve been snatched and locked in a room by a devious serial killer who wants to add your name to their list of victims. Your only hope is to solve the clues and escape before they come back and do you in. Work fast; the clock is ticking!

2-6 Participants, ages 15 and Up (children under 15 not permitted)

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

The doors are locked, and the zombie is hungry! To get away, you must solve the clues and unlock the door, but act fast because every 5 minutes, the undead’s chain gets longer and your demise gets closer.

4-10 Participants, ages 15 and Up (children under 15 not permitted)


You just wanted to play video games, but the Arcade owner wants to play one of their own. Solve his riddles and escape before the bomb goes off or game’s over for you and your crew!

4-10 Participants, ages 15 and Up (children under 15 not permitted)

Madame Neptune’s VOODOO CURSE

Explore Madame Neptune’s cabin to break her insidious spell and lift the voodoo curse before it’s too late and you become a permanent resident of the spirit world!

2-6 Participants, ages 15 and Up (children under 15 not permitted)

Steampunk Airship

You and your crew have command of the undaunted, a steampunk airship that stands steadfast against the evil Allied Industry Corps. Are you skillful enough to avoid the enemy and fly to safety, or will you and your crew plummet to your doom?

4-10 Participants, ages 12 and Up (children under 15 require an adult guardian)

Get Out and Do Something New in Your Mazda

If you’ve taken in all our suggestions for Salem tours and breakfast restaurants, and explored the Portland Library and an escape room experience sounds like the way to spend your next date night, then follow these directions to Escape Rooms Portland, in Beaverton:

From Keizer: Head north on I-5 past Wilsonville to exit 2B from OR-217. Continue on SW Allen to your destination.

From Eugene: Take I-5 north, past Albany, through Salem, and to exit 2B from OR-217. Continue on SW Allen to your destination.

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