How Do You Change the Mazda Key Fob Battery?

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Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready to leave for work in the morning and finding that your new Mazda key fob battery has died. However, the good news is that changing your key fob battery is easy and only takes a few minutes! Learn how to change the battery in your Mazda key fob from the team at Power Mazda.

How to Open Mazda Key Fob

To open your Mazda key fob, follow the steps below:

  • First, press the auxiliary key button on the back of your key fob. This will remove the metal auxiliary key.
  • You’ll see a slot on both sides of the key’s casing after the metal auxiliary key comes out.
  • Take a tape-wrapped flathead screwdriver and open the key fob case with it. Open gently by pressing the flathead into both of the slots — one at a time.

How to Change Battery in Mazda Key Fob

After you’ve opened your key fob, complete the following steps to change the CR2025 battery:

  • First, remove the battery cap and take out the battery. Be careful not to scratch the rubber ring below the battery. Replace this rubber ring before changing the battery if it gets damaged.
  • Put the new battery on top of the rubber ring with the positive side facing upwards.
  • Once the new battery is correctly in place, put the battery cover back on. After, put the key fob cover back together by pressing down on the sides of key fob cover and put the metal key back in.

Learn More From Power Mazda

If you have questions or are having trouble changing your Mazda key battery, contact us at Power Mazda! One of our team members will be happy to change your key fob battery for you! Have any other questions about your Mazda vehicle? Our team can help with that as well. From resetting your Mazda check engine light to changing your Mazda’s flat tire, our team members are experts on all things Mazda! We can even help you find some of the best Mexican food in Portland.