Customer Testimonials

Very Happy With My Experience!
I was helped by Roy at Power Mazda yesterday and was very happy with my experience! I was able to find the perfect car for me, and Roy worked with me so that I was comfortable with the payments. He was with us from start to finish and went through the features of the CX5 so I knew how to work everything. I really appreciate his time and effort to make sure I had everything I needed! I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a new car.
Treated Very Well!
We purchased a new car and felt that we got a good deal and was treated very well by all the staff. We continue to have our car served at Power Mazda and have continued to experience excellent service and attentiveness to our needs. Thank you for such a professional experience. Loving the new car!
Roy Was Awesome!
Roy was awesome and a great help. With how stressful buying a car is and as first time buyers, he made the experience easy and understandable. I strongly recommend going down and talking to Roy if you're looking for a car. He will do everything he can to find you something you want that's affordable.
Five Stars!
We have purchased many new cars over the past 40 years. From our first contact to driving off the lot in our daughter's new CX-5, we had the best buying experience ever with Charles Clark, the internet manager at Power Mazda! FIVE STARS!!!
You Have My Thanks!
I contacted Power Mazda with what I felt would be an impossibe prospect. I needed to trade my 06 cobalt for a SUV that could hold 3 car seats across. Not only did Roy keep in steady contact with me. He never made me feel like a fool for trying.
Roy contacted me via text mostly which was perfect. He never made me run down there to run numbers or wait around a crummy lobby either.
I picked out a Tahoe that I thought he would shoot down indefinitely. Not only did he and his manager knock the price of the tahoe below kbb pricing (I checked with my own research) he made it to where I was barely financing and my payoff, ans it was chump change ( it's expensive raiding 3 kids).
Thanks to Roy Power Mazda gained a customer for life. This is the type of old fashioned business my grandparents use to tell me about. Not what I seem to see at places like Capitol Auto where salesman with greasy hair tries and sells snake oil.
If anyone at Power is reading this. You have my deepest and sincerest Thanks!
Pressure Free And Knowledgeable
I would recommend Power Mazda for everyone! Make sure to ask for Charles Britnell if you want a pressure free and knowledgeable salesman!!
Great Service!
Great service and the salesman was never overzealous. Extremely helpful and great to work with. Thanks again.
I Would Definitely Work With Roy Again!
We went through Costco and were contacted by Roy W. at Power Mazda. He was absolutely great to work with. Was not high pressure but went above and beyond to help us, even after work hours. Once we decided to buy he got as much of the paperwork done ahead of time as possible knowing that we would be there with our toddler. I would definitely work with Roy again! It was worth the drive from Sherwood.
Very Enjoyable!
We purchased a 2009 cx 9, Matt Byers made our purchase very enjoyable and was very helpful with our selection of our car we will definitely refer friends and family to your dealership. Matt should be commended on his excellent service.
I Love These Guys!
After many disgusting attempts at many other dealerships I had a very bad taiste for car dealers, until I walked into Power Mazda, I love these guys and they put me into the perfect car, so easy, worked with me on financing and have been nothing but wonderful. I highly suggest them to anyone looking for a car! They get many cookies!
Really Nice And Helpful!
I did everything through texting then when I got there they had everything ready to go for me. They were really nice and helpful.
Loved The Experience!
We went here after struggling to get what we wanted with many other dealerships and loved the the experience. We worked with Charles B., and could not of been happier. No hassles, and it was a quick easy and honest business from the whole staff. Highly recommend talking with Charles B. if you're wanting an awesome salesman .
I Could Not Be Happier!
I had very poor credit when I came here. Power Mazda was able to get me into a beautiful Mazda 3 sport with an awesome interest rate! I could not be happier. They will continue to have my business.
Amazing Experience!
I live in Springfield and checked out Powers website to see their inventory. Sunday morning I sent a inquiry on a vehicle and received a quick response from Rick. We swapped emails and agreed on a price by 2pm. I drove up to the dealership on Tuesday after work, test drove the car, signed papers and drove off the lot within an hour. I even had financing! The whole experience was amazing and I highly recommend them. The price was more than fair with absolutely no high-pressure sales tactics!
5 Stars!
These guys definitely deserve 5 stars. I got a great used car there which I had been searching for for some time. The process to purchase was fairly quick and I appreciated that as I hate the long visits to buy a new car. I can also vouch for their service department where they offered their excellent customer service as well. I'm impressed, they are both friendly and knowledgeable.
I'll Be Back!
I've been in several times in the last 5 years, and have purchased 2 vehicles from Power Mazda. They have always been super helpful and aren't super pushy like many other high-pressure dealers.

I worked with Roy Watkins—and he truly went above and beyond to help me find the right vehicle. After looking at the CX-5, he drove down to the Albany Power Honda store to show me a CR-V (which I ended up purchasing).

I will definitely go back when it's time to upgrade again!
Good experience
Good experience. Dealer went out of their way to accommodate my needs and time restraints.
Trade in went fine.
Price was as agreed upon.
Professional staff.
Clint was Helpful with technical questions. Even on his day off from work! Prompt appointment made for service.
I found the entire experience calm, fun, and in the end satisfying!
My experience was excellent with Clint because there was no back and forth type of bantering. I went in and told Clint what I wanted and what I could do, and Clint came back with what he could do (which happened to be exactly what I wanted =). The dealership also closes at 8 and because I worked that day I was not able to get there until later in the evening and Clint never made us feel rushed or like he was annoyed, although I am sure he places to go because our deal did not get finished until way after 8. I found the entire experience calm, fun, and in the end satisfying! I would definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family and definitely plan on doing business with them in the future. Thank you Power Mazda and Clint for making me feel like a super star when I am driving!!
Comfortable, Easy, Pleasant Experience
I went in with my Mom mostly just looking at cars. I was undecided if I really wanted to get a new car that day. After looking at a couple Mazdas, I decided to see if I could even get into a brand new car. I had a monthly payment max and wasn't going to do it if it wasn't in my price range. Clint came back with the first offer and it was exactly what I was comfortable with. We started the paperwork and it was very easy. There was no bargaining and going back and forth. It was a very pleasant experience and my Mom and I both bought brand new Mazdas that day. Clint was very nice and easy to work with the entire time.
A whopping 5 'cross the Boards!
This place gets a whopping 5 cross the boards i liked my visit and i love my car the service was amazing they made us laugh so much it was fun they where serious with a side dish of humor it was great not like other dealerships where there kinda serious and there manager comes in every like 5 min to make sure the guy isn't messing up or whatnot, we didn't see the main man until he was pretty much settled in and when he sent us up Clint personally cleaned up the car for us it was awesome. I would say overall i would recommend this dealership to anyone even people i don't know to well ^_^. also the speed they went we where in and out of there in about 2 1/2 hours all nice and easy and the follow up visits where Super fast so theres no complaints for me there either. overall just gotta say it again Love this place ^_^
I couldn't have asked for a better sales person.
Clint was great to work with and very willing to work with me on the phone and via email. It made it so much easier for me and everything went very smoothly! Clint is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better sales person to help me through the process of buying a new car!
The customer service at Mazda ROCKS!!!!!
Clint made the buying experience easy. We communicated through, e-mail, text and phone calls to get me into the car I wanted at a price I can afford. The multimedia approach to sales is a huge bonus in my opinion. I am a loyal Power Mazda customer. I got my last Mazda 3 there and had it serviced there also. This is my second Mazda 3. I'm also a bit picky because I know what I like and what I want because I am a Mazda owner. When it came to some difficulties due to my bankruptcy, Clint kept on working to see that I got my car even when I was ready to give up. In the light of all the complications associated with my less than optimum credit, I think Clint deserves the highest respect and a lot of credit for his hard work. Thank you Clint, I love my new car as much as I loved my previous Mazda 3.

Lars was very quick and accommodating with the paperwork piece. He explained things well and helped me understand what happens when you buy a car shortly after a bankruptcy. He also helped me get the car I wanted at a price I can afford. They don't blow you off just because you are a complicated buyer. That is important to me. The customer service at Mazda ROCKS!!!!! Thanks guys.
CX-9 Grand Touring Mazda best of all.
I was looking for a mid-size SUV, decided to test drive as many models as
possible. We went to visit Power Mazda in Salem, OR. Clint Edwards became our rep, he showed us more models, different makes & models then we could ever imagine. We came prepared, had the latest Consumer Reports, website quotes from various statewide dealers and were fixed on quality. Clint was very friendly, on point, answered all our concerns and let us test drive as many as we needed. We spent office time going over all our concerns and cost, never did Clint rush the process or skip direct questions. After 5 (five) hours or review and hands-on driving we choose the CX-9 Grand Touring Mazda "best of all." After closing the deal, Clint spent even more time with us pointing out key information regarding the vehicle and questioning any concerns. We ended the day not only with beautiful car but even Clint's cell phone number to keep answering any upcoming questions or issues that may arise. Went to a car dealer, came out with a great deal and a friend.
Kudos to Clint!!!
Being in customer service for over 25 years, I can recognize excellent customer service when I see it. Clint Edwards provided that for me when helping us this past weekend with our new Mazda3. Its a very competitive world we live in, and as you know I could have gone to several dealers. However I chose Power Mazda because of Clint and how he talked with me and truly showed his desire to assist us. His emails to me were written in a professional manner, yet warm and friendly. His approach to us when we arrived at the lot was enthusiastic, yet not overbearing. I knew he was glad to see us. He showed us several different Mazda's but nothing out of our comfort zone. He hustles for you and I hope you recognize him as the valuable team player that he is. I have learned in my customer service career that not everyone has what it takes to provide excellent service to others but Clint does. Hang on tight to what you have because just as a consumer as many options you will learn that employees do too! And when you have someone who rates a 10 in my book, you might want to ask yourself why aren't all my employees a 10!

Please let Clint know how satisfied I am and I hope he will get to read this too! By the way my granddaughter (6yrs old) loves my car. So, as any good gramma does...I gave it to her when she turns 16. Until then it's mine and I love it!

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